A Custom, Family Office Approach

Our clients enjoy the opportunities and face challenges of multi-generational wealth and wish to have the services often associated with a family office.

Our basic philosophy of financial planning is pretty simple: every single one of our clients has a unique personal set of investment needs. We will get to know you including your specific expectations and requirements, evaluate and organize your current position, and then strategize and execute a plan tailored for you.


Before we spend a second discussing your investments, we spend time with you person-to-person discussing your present situation, your future objectives, concerns, desires, and your tolerance for risk.


Next we thoroughly analyze your personal financial position including balance sheets, cash flow statements, and projections.


We then help you formulate and organize your goals into 3 categories

  • Short-term (budget, cash flow)
  • Intermediate-term (such as life style, large expenditures including real estate, education, and dependent healthcare)
  • Long-term (retirement and estate planning)


Finally we help you develop a strategic plan, combining existing assets and future savings with the appropriate selection of investments.

To discuss your personal needs, please call (212) 409-2400 or click here.